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We are pleased to offer this webinar free of charge as we don't want cost to be barrier to access good science. However, if does cost us to run these events, and so we do encourage donations to help us continue our evidence based work. 

More reading

If you are interested in some background reading and resources on the topic of vaping and tobacco harm reduction here are some recommendations:

Evidence reviews

UK Office for Health Disparities. Nicotine vaping in England: 2022 evidence update summary. 

This report is the eighth in a series of independent reports originally commissioned by Public Health England (PHE) and now the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID) in the Department of Health and Social Care. The series aims to summarise the evidence on vaping products and to inform policies and regulations.

Electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation

The latest Cochrane collaboration review examining the effectiveness, tolerability, and safety of using electronic cigarettes (ECs) to help people who smoke tobacco achieve long‐term smoking abstinence.

New Zealand survey data

Smoking status of daily vapers: New Zealand Health Survey 2017/18 to 2021/22

The New Zealand Health Survey first included questions on vaping in 2015/16 as part of a tobacco use module and these questions were introduced into the annual survey in 2017/18. The main purpose of this report is to determine the smoking status (current smoker, ex-smoker, never-smoker) of daily vapers.

ASH Year 10 survey

Findings from the latest ASH year 10 survey of smoking and vaping behaviours and attitudes.

Healthy Lifestyles Survey

Te Hiringa Hauora data explorer with survey data on why people vape, views on harm and does of devices used. The most recent data is 2020.

Otago university blog: What is happening with vaping among adolescents and young adults in Aotearoa?

Summary of recent surveys on youth vaping with commentary from ASPIRE 2025. 


turu vaping and young people resources

The Drug Foundation has produced a webinar series on youth vaping in New Zealand and best practice responses. This includes curriculum-based critical thinking about vaping.

Vaping Facts

Te Whātu Ora website with evidence-based facts about vaping, including for schools and young people.

Protect your breath

Te Whātu Ora’s youth vaping campaign is based on real insight from young people.