Make a difference. Make a donation.


Make a difference. Make a donation.

ASH is the leading independent Smokefree campaign organisation in New Zealand, instrumental in getting us all to a smokefree 2025.  

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ASH Initiatives

  • Policy and advocacy:  Working with the Government
  • Election Year projects:  To ensure smokefree initiatives are part of any future Government.
  • Media advocacy:  ASH is the "go to" for the media - we ensure that a smokefree 2025 is highlighted in the media
  • Research and Policy Leadership:  Making research and evidence around key tobacco issues accessible to the public and policy-makers.
  • Educating the public about the harmful effects of smoking on health:  We do this through a range of initiatives. 
  • Collaborations:  Working with a wide range of organisations nationally and internationally.

How You Can Make a Difference

Our successes and ongoing work are only possible through donations from people like you.  Large or small, the donations help us to keep working towards the smokefree goal.  

For roughly the price of a packet of cigarettes you can help our work to achieve a Smokefree Aotearoa New Zealand by 2025.  For those who have quit smoking and their families, you can donate the savings you have made from smoking to help us help others.  

Become a Super Donor

Diamond Donor:  $10K or more
Platinum Donor: $5K or more
Gold Donor:  $2,500 or more
Silver Donor:  $1,500 or more
Bronze Donor:  $500 or more

Any donation is welcome of course.  You can make a single donation or a regular donation. 

ASH is an incorporated society.  All donations will be receipted and are tax deductible.  

All donors will be offered free membership of ASH and acknowledged in the ASH annual report, including at the level of their donation if a Super Donor.