Our Mission

Goal and Vision

What is ASH?

ASH – Action for Smokefree 2025 is an incorporated society that has been campaigning since 1983  to achieve our vision to eliminate the death and harm caused by tobacco.

When ASH was funded by a group of concerned medical professionals in the 80s, a third of adults smoked. Ongoing pressure from groups like ASH mean that 35 years later, 14% of adults smoke daily, and New Zealand has some of the most comprehensive tobacco control policies in the world. This includes a government goal to be Smokefree by 2025.

The organisation has undergone a lot changes in the last year. Most significant was the end of our funding relationship with the Ministry of Health after nearly 20 years. It has been a long and productive relationship resulting in some huge milestones for smokefree New Zealand, including smokefree workplaces, tobacco tax increases, advertising bans, treatment funding and groundbreaking research into smoking in New Zealand.

This change has allowed ASH to get back to basics as a leading independent campaign voice for high quality tobacco control measures.


What is ASH’s priority?

Our urgent and immediate priority is on reaching the Smokefree 2025 goal where less than 5% of all New Zealanders smoke.

How does ASH operate?

As an independent campaign organisation, ASH is focusing on the political leadership needed to achieve its goal. 

Through supporting policy makers to take urgent and evidence-based action, we believe ASH’s vision could be reality within a generation.  ASH also works  with our members and supporters to build a social movement for Smokefree 2025.