ASH calls for 3 key actions for 2021 to accelerate progress towards the 2025 Smokefree Goal

These actions have been selected because they are easy to implement, have wide support and big health, economic and environmental impacts.

smokefree priorities 2021-2

1.  Invest in Mass Marketing 

  • Increase investment to build awareness of Smokefree 2025;
  • Create an environment that encourages and supports people to quit smoking cigarettes including the use of reduced harm products;
  • Reignite a public movement supporting the Smokefree 2025 goal; and
  • Fund Te Hiringa Hauora to lead such campaigns.

2.  Support Communities  

Investment in innovative quit smoking programmes tailored to individual needs which operate in cultural and community contexts. 

Examples of programmes that should be supported are:

  • Incentives programmes for pregnant women which have twice the success rates of other programmes;
  • Scaling up community-led quit smoking services, such as Vape2Save to all high risk groups; and
  • Leadership initiatives around shared community spaces including maraes.

3. Remove Synthetic Filters (cigarette butts)

Banning cigarette butts will:

  • Make smoking cigarettes less palatable and enjoyable;
  • Reduce youth uptake of smoking cigarettes as the initial experience would be unpleasant; and
  • Reduce cigarette environmental pollution in waterways and on coasts.


ASH calls on the Government to urgently develop a Smokefree 2025 plan. 
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