In Good Heart






A collaboration between ASH NZ, the Heart Foundation, Hāpai te Hauora, Tala Pasifika and Pacific Heartbeat aims to improve heart health outcomes and reduce inequalities.  

Following a heart attack ,1 in 5 people in New Zealand are re-admitted to hospital or die within a year.  In addition, almost 50% of CVD events occur in people with a prior event Smoking is a major cause of these recurrent events.

The project will find better ways to support people at high risk of recurrent cardiac events  to become, and remain, smokefree.   

The first phase of the project will summarise the existing problem, define current practice, the scale of need, and identify the populations at most risk.   It also includes collaboration with people at risk of early death – Māori and Pasifika, to better understand their experience of the health system and to reduce the barriers and enablers for change. 

The project will report by the end of the year and will lead to a second phase project to pilot, test, scale and deliver appropriate tools.  The project is fully funded by the MAS Foundation.