Welcome to ASH

ASH is a registered charity which uses sound evidence to enable policy makers and communities to contribute to a Smokefree New Zealand, and to advance campaigns on standardised packaging, tobacco tax increases, and the introduction of tobacco retail licensing. We work with the government, all political parties and ethnic groups to achieve a shared vision of a Smokefree New Zealand by 2025.

ASH also enables the nation to contribute to a Smokefree New Zealand through Stoptober.

Plain Packaging

The Smoke-free Environments (Tobacco Plain Packaging) Amendment Bill was recommended by the Health select committee in August 2014.
Read the Committee’s report¬†here.

ASH Year 10 Survey

The Year 10 survey is an annual questionnaire of around 30,000 students in New Zealand. It is conducted each year in schools throughout the country and is one of the biggest surveys of its kind.

Tobacco Returns Data

The Smoke-Free Environments ACT (1990) requires manufacturers and importers of tobacco to file annual returns. Schedule A is information about ingredients and amounts used in tobacco products.  Schedule B is the list of products, retail price and sales quantity. We have analysed schedule B to provide insights in to the NZ tobacco market.

Smoking Data

The 2013 New Zealand Census shows daily smoking in New Zealand is at 15.1 per cent, down from 20.7 per cent in the 2006 Census.