Stoptober is a social movement of people giving quitting a go for just 31-days! Just like Dry July or Junk Free June, everyone sets a goal to go a month without cigarettes. Stopping smoking for a month is always easier in groups, so get your friends and family together and give it a go this October! See how much better you feel after a month without cigarettes!

Watch Jason Faa’foi, son Charlie and ASH’s Boyd Broughton on the Good Morning show. Jason shares his smokefree journey and how it all started with Stoptober, and Boyd shares tips on how you can prepare for Stoptober. Check it out!


Who are we? ASH is a registered charity which produces and collects sound evidence to enable policy makers and communities to contribute to a Smokefree New Zealand. We value integrity and honesty in all that we say and do and strong research is vital to this. Collaboration is at the heart of nearly all that we do because we understand the value that partnership brings to achieving a shared vision of a Smokefree New Zealand by 2025.