We produce

Every year ASH produces fresh and reliable evidence which support policy makers and communities across New Zealand to contribute to a Smokefree New Zealand. We are renowned for our Year 10 Snapshot Survey which is a census style questionnaire that surveys around 30,000 students. We also conduct an analysis of annual tobacco returns to monitor the domestic tobacco market in New Zealand. We continue to analyse the size of the illicit tobacco market in New Zealand and we use public opinion polls to survey New Zealanders attitudes towards current tobacco related issues. We have also produced evidence which supports the value of effective registration of tobacco retailers and we are currently researching the impact of tobacco retail density on younger people.

We share this evidence with local and national representatives to enable policy makers and communities to continue to work towards a smoke free New Zealand by 2025. We also use this research to shape ASH’s own priority campaigns – standardised packaging, increased tobacco taxes, and the introduction of tobacco retail licensing.