The evidence

ASH delivers on its mission by producing and collecting sound and reliable evidence which enables policy makers and communities to contribute to a Smokefree New Zealand. We value integrity and honesty in all that we say and do and strong research is an essential part of this. Our aim is to achieve a smoke free New Zealand though evidence-based advocacy.

Our research underpins all of our work. It is continuous and adaptive, and involves gathering, organising and formulating high quality information to drive positive social change in our communities.

We share our evidence with local and national representatives to enable policy makers and communities to continue to work towards a smoke free New Zealand by 2025. We also use this research to shape ASH’s own priority campaigns – standardised packaging, increased tobacco taxes, and the introduction of tobacco retail licensing.

We continue to expand our research base through original research studies and in collaboration with domestic and international tobacco research groups.

Our current key research areas are listed in this section of our website.