Findings from the ASH Year 10 Snapshot Survey

Our latest ASH Year 10 Snapshot Surveys show a big drop in smoking rates for 14-15 year olds post 2012, when point of sale display bans for tobacco products came into effect in New Zealand. The decline continued but slowed in 2013, a year which saw no new legislation come into effect. This was particularly evident among Maori and Pacific, where smoking rates are highest compared with all other ethnic groups. (see the 2014 ASH Year 10 Snapshot Survey Factsheet 3 – Smoking by ethnicity). Meanwhile in Australia, where standardised packaging has been introduced already, smoking rates show a far more significant decline. This emphasises the importance of continuous momentum in tackling smoking through sustained legislation, such as standardised packaging.

All of the findings from the ASH Year 10 Snapshot Surveys are available here.