Findings from research in the United Kingdom

The Chantler Plain Packaging Review was a systematic review of the evidence on standardised packaging commissioned by the UK Government and undertaken by Sir Cyril Chantler. The review found standardised packaging of tobacco was likely to contribute to a modest but important reduction in smoking, including the rate of uptake of smoking by children.[i]

This confirmed the findings of the previous Stirling Review of 2012, which was a similar review of evidence regarding the impact of standardised packaging on smoking commissioned by the UK Department of Health and undertaken by academics at the University of Stirling, the University of Nottingham and the Institute of Education, London.iv

Both the Chantler and Stirling Reviews represent a clear unequivocal confirmation of the positive impact of standardised packaging on smoking behaviour and consequently played an integral part in the UK Government’s development of legislation on standardised packaging for tobacco products.


[i] Chantler, C. (2014). Standardised packaging of tobacco. Report of the independent review undertaken by Sir Cyril Chantler. London: King’s College London.