Vote Smokefree 2025

Make Smokefree 2025 an election issue this September. Vote for the candidates who want action to achieve the goal. 

We also want to help you with information on which parties and candidates support the goal and support actions to achieve it. 

You can help by contacting your local candidates about their position on Smokefree 2025.

We have also reviewed parties' smokefree policies. You can find our summary here, or download a copy from our resources at the end of the page.  

Party position on Smokefree 2025

Election 2017. Candidate canvassing for Smokefree 2025.

The aim of this resource is to support you to canvass your local candidates about their support for Smokefree 2025.

Up until the 23rd September, candidates for the 2017 general election will be furiously campaigning for your vote. We want to let them know that Smokefree 2025 is still an important issue for New Zealand, and that voters care about it as an issue.

ASH is contacting all candidates about their position, however we also need the support of our local supporters to help candidates see that local voters care about Smokefree 2025.

ASH will be publish the results of our candidate survey. However, any insights, feedback and information you get from local candidates helps keep this information up to date.

This page has some ideas for raising the profile of Smokefree 2025 with your local candidates.

Forums and ways to canvass candidates

1. Candidate debates

Many candidates are attending local panel debates. These might be organised by a local group or they may be organised by NGOs business groups or community bodies. Some may even be organised by parties themselves.

These are often a good forum to ask questions. If you are attendending any debates, it is a good chance to ask if the candidate supports achieving a Smokefree New Zealand by 2025, and what measures the candidate and their party would take to achieve them.

You can localise the question. Visit ASH’s electorate map here. Click on your local electorate to get the smoking rate for your electorate.

2. Email 

You can email your local candidates to ask if they support achieving Smokefree 2025, and what measures they support to achive the goal.

The ASH team have assembled a data base of candidates contact details. Contact ASH at to get a full list of email contacts for your local candidates.

 3. Letter

Go old school and send a letter. It’s probabaly a less effective method in the days of social media and email, so we would not recommend it as our top option. In fact, it’s actually quite hard to know where to write to candidates and most use thier Party HQ as their address so it’s easy for your correspondence to get lost.

4. Social media

Election campaigns are running more and more on social media. The great thing about asking your questions in this forum is the answers are public. Facebook and Twitter are good forums to ask questions, and to dig deeper in the replies. You can hashtag your question with #smokefree2025.

Most candidates have a Facebook page or use Twitter to campaign.

The ASH team have assembled a list of all candidates social media addresses. Contact us at to get local details for your candidates.

5. Local appearances and door knocks

It is very likely you’ll have a chance encounter with a candidate. It might be at the lcoal market, a mall walkabout, on campus, and the candidate or one of their team might even knock on your door.

Often they will ask what are the issues that concern you. This is a great chance to talk about Smokefree 2025. If they don’t know about the goal, then it’s a chance to explain why it is important as smoking still kills 5000 New Zealanders every year.

6. Requesting a meeting

This close to the election it is less likely that you’ll be able to get a meeting with candiates as they will be busy on the campaign trail. If you do ask for a meeting, make it clear you are a local voter. If you are successful and get a meeting there are some things you can do to prepare.

Research their background and any previous positions on tobacco. Most have a candidate profile on the party website, or you can read their social media profiles. ASH can supply you with a link to these. Contact us here 

Before your meeting:
  • Research their previous positions on the kaupapa -  if any position, why? Why not? Normally a quick google news search can help here.
  • Their interests outside of political work etc.
  • Is there an opportunity for a group meet/media/social media impact as a result of your meeting with them. Positive media is irresistible to many MP’s, so consider the opportunity
  • Prepare local data to personalise the conversation. Click here for your local smoking prevalence data or download it from the table below. 

What to ask

  • Do you support the Smokefree by 2025 goal that New Zealand has? This means that smoking in New Zealand is down to under 5%, from 15% currently.
  • Do you think the Government needs a plan to achieve the goal?
  • What is your position in tackling smoking in New Zealand?
  • What is your party's position on tackling smoking in New Zealand? 

Feedback to ASH

We really want to hear back from you on about your local candidate's answers, and their position on Smokefree 2025. It allows us to share this information with with voters who are concerned about smoking.

If candidate are successful, it also also us to prioritise who we follow up with about Smokefree 20205 after the election.

Let us know how it went by emailing us as at